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2002-01-05 05:27:38 (UTC)


I was aprouched by an older woman today who said that she
would pay me if I had sex with her. What the hell is
that? I guess it could be seen as flattering or something,
but I'm not some fucking male prostitute or anything. I'm
just a guy.

I just don't get it. I personally don't think that I'm all
that good looking or anything. I'm kinda skinny, and I'm
not all that tall. And I don't go around flirting with
everyone I see. Yet women seem to think that they can use
me like that, that I'm some sort of boy-toy they can pick
up whenever they feel like it. Just the otherday I got
asked to be in a threesome with two people I'd never met

I know if someone's out there reading this they're saying
shut up idiot and enjoy it. But I can't. It's so stupid.
Sure, I love sex, but I don't want people thinking that's
what I'm all about. And I especially don't want people
thinking that I get paid for it. It's disgusting.


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