Book of Shadow and Light
2002-01-05 05:04:05 (UTC)

Interesting happenings abound!


Well, today was certainly an interesting one. Yesterday
when I was sitting at my computer I gazed out of my window
as I was typing a short essay. During this I noticed two
girls messing around in an old campter in my neighbors
yard, one was definitely young, probably around 10, but the
other seemed to be a bit older. Even so, I figured her to
still be fairly young. Anyway, when I was looking out of
the window the older one happened to look directly back at
me. I continued in my typing and averted my gaze. I spend
alot of time at my computer and I couldn't help, but spot
her all through out the evening. Still, she was fairly far
away and I was never certain of my age. To tell you the
truth I'm still not, but it's older than I had originally
thought. Rather close to my age. (I'll be seventeen March

I went on with my day and night like normal and went to
sleep at 3 A.M that morning. (A usual occurence, I assure
you.) I slept peacefully until about 10:30 A.M when I felt
someone remove one of my four or so pillows out from under
my head--My head was covered up by my comforter even then--
and bludgeon me with it! I gave out an unintelligible moan
and then I noticed that the voice of a girl was talking to
me, saying for me to wake up. It was HER! Carrie--as I
discovered was her name--had come over earlier that morning
and basically befriended my father who was outside working
on my car. (That's something I'll have to tell you about
later.) They then allowed her into the house and into my
room to wake me up. Suffice to say that due to my extreme
stubborness and the fact that I was kinda freaked out--
let's not forget the fact that I didn't want to let anyone
that I had just met see me after I've just woken up--she

She left eventually, but not before leaving a note behind.
(I HATE notes. All through school I thought them
meaningless any place out of class. If you could hand
someone a note then why not just talk? Anyway, I suppose
this was one of those times when they were alright. We
couldn't talk could we?) I finally drug myself out of bed
around noon to find out that she had been visiting my
neighbors from Oak Grove--a town very near by. I HATE Oak
Grove, because it is Redneck Central! If ever their was a
place that all things hick-ish originated from it was this
place. I have many hick friends who I consider good
friends, but I hate this place. They all frequent it every
weekend to get drunk off of their asses with all of the
other rednecks. I swear that 99% of the males in the town
are rednecks and these mix with the redneck guys of the
other redneck-infested towns to generally be drunken slobs
and to torture the normal people. (Punks, Skaters etc You
get the idea.)

Note: I'm not a punk, but I much prefer their company. I
like to consider myself a nomad of sorts. I make allies
among the many tribes and borrow from them all. Ever seen a
bunch of skaters beat the hell out of some people with
their boards? If only they were more numerous in the
immediate area... :sigh:

Anyway, the area may be infested with the skin-tight-
wrangler-wearing-drunken-idiots, but girls are rather
plentiful for such a place. Sadly most are dating the
hicks and I can't stand going to look for women, because I
can't stand the company they keep for any extended period
of time. (Exceptions are made at times, but not too often.
As I've mentioned I have close friends whom I consider
rednecks.) In any case I plan to get in touch with Carrie
to atleast become friends. She was apparently interested in
getting to know me. She did just wander into my room in
the middle of the morning after all.

Well, I've given you a bit of info about myself, the area I
live in and an interesting story. What a nice package, huh?

'Till the 'Morrow
James (Drinin)

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