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2002-01-05 04:42:17 (UTC)

I guess you don't know much about me

Well after reading a bunch of other people's diaries i
realized I never really gave you very much background other
than my jerry springer issues. I'm 17, female and as I said
here you'll get to only know me as Lenore unless you care
enough to ask. I live in California, the Bay Area. My
social life is a little scrammbled at the moment. I go to a
Chatolic high school. Live with both of my parents and have
one sibling. I don't know what college I am going to yet but
it'll be one of the UC s. I fel rather dissatisfied with my
life. And am going to start seeing a therapist soon. I
hopefully will be able to work through some of my issues and
my feelings of loneliness. The reason why i started writing
and why i want to see a therapist is that i don't feel that i
can really talk to any of my friends about my problems
because they will judge me. They already have or just sorta
trampled on my feelings because my timing wasn't convinent
for them. So instead of troubling them with my problems I
decided it would be best to talk to absolute strangers who
don't have to listen or care about me. I have been acting
since the beginning of high school and i recently joined
something to do with movies and tv and commercials and stuff.
I need to redo my resume though because since i joined i've
gained weight which has been a hard thing for me to deal
with. At on point I was a size 6 no longer am i that and
although people have told me I look the best I ever have
since I've known them but I have my doubts. I don't feel
attractive. Although I feel better about myself than I have
before except because of my recent circumstances I walk
around in a daze of guilt, confusion,and frustration. I hope
to find love and learn who I am. Yeah pretty dumb teenage
shit. Anyway I'll be writting in here probably regularly
since my next semester this year will be a breeze cruzing as
a second semester senior wahoo.


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