2002-01-05 03:39:23 (UTC)

yup-two in a day. it's one of those days

hey-well it's been boring. and i go and see alex tom. in
Kent. which is where i went to undergrad and i met him this
past summer. he was and is a great guy. but then he claimed
i am a manipulative child who doesn't know how to be an
adult and uses suicide threats to keep my friends. i used
to believe this. however, talking with my friends in nyc
and the ones that have stuck by me in kent, i know he is
incorrect. so i am here to give him a poster i promised
before things went sour. and now i have to not even go to
his house b/c missy lives there. and she's another one that
went off on me and stated that i was a child. that i knew
nothing in the real world and was treating life in a
whiner's point of view. that i never took care of people
and she felt sorry for those who ever became my friends.
whatever, it hurt however i stood back up from it and i
only wish her the best of luck. she's more of a sociopath
anyways-basically she just uses people as "friends" and
then proceeds to ditch them after she gets what she wants.
she wanted money more or less from me. b/c she fell into
credit card debt. and she needed someone to help her so she
wouldn't get sued . i was stupid enough to help her. and
then everything was done after i left for nyc. she stopped
being my friend. everything became a hassle to her. but
that's enough of that.

pretty much today i am just wondering where i am really
going in life. if i really want to do what i signed up for
in john jay or if i should just finish with it and then
start something new. but i gotta go now. i have to make
sure these family problems are ok.

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