Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-01-05 03:38:08 (UTC)

not such a bad day after all

I spent the night at Jaclyn's house last night. this morning
Euboea called and said she wasn't comming, at like 10:30,
inconsiderate, and because of her Kristin had to be left at
Jaclyn's until someone could come pick her up, and Elyse and
I had to ride home with Amy Pantfoeder. But we had fun at the
mall in spite of it all, and we took some really cool
pictures in one of those little booths. When i got home I
meant to take a nap, I am so burnt out!, and we ren't even in
school!! but instead of going to sleep I started cleaning
things, I cleaned the underneath of my bed, and the top of my
closet, which took forever!!!! but I felt really good when it
was all done! Abs called and asked if I wanted to hang out,
but I really needed to clean, and to go to sleep early, so
much for that! =) (sorry abs) Then i realized someone had
gone grocery shopping, which sucked because I really needed
to buy two boxes of Special K. to try this new diet type
thing. I looked in the pantry and low and behold! A huge box
of special K. someone must have been reading my mind or
something, we never buy special K. I still need to go to
Office Depot though. then when I was checking my e-mail got
this weird letter, and I opened it to find that I had been
invited to recieve and award for my poem Breathe ( it's in an
earlier entry) At Walt Disney World from March 1-3!! at some
kind of convention!! I'M STOKED!! I really want to go! mabey
I can convince my parents to go to Disney for my moms
Birthday. (march 1st) Now I am about to go take a nice hot
shower, and go to bed. Tommorow I'm going to breakfast with
my grandparents, and then to St. Augistine, and the Outlet
Malls, and then to the World Golf Village to see the IMAX of
Beauty and the Beast. my favorite disney movie!! so it's
actually been a pretty good day..........hmmmm it feels nice