steaming the buns
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2002-01-05 03:23:18 (UTC)

thinking of joining or starting..

thinking of joining or starting a new band. a sideband. i'm
not disbanding ERF. kaso i feel like i need more. ERF's a
great band. we've had our moments. the guys are great
i have this desire for music. i definately know that i
cannot live without it. started playing in bands in high
school. i was a drummer then. we played
sepultura,slayer,metallica songs. hirap non if ur a drummer.
after high school, we broke up. so there i was in college
looking for people to play with. i jammed with guys looking
for the right people. but i was really set on getting a
good guitarist.
then, bam! along comes my cousin rj. we talk about getting
a band together with our other cousin quintin, who did
guitars for juanito's molar. there you go.
ERF founding members:
i started playing guitar my first year of college.just me
in my room playing acoustic. never thought i'd be a
guitarist though. till i found nirvana. i thought you had
to be lightning fast to be aguitarist. but kurt cobain blew
that all away. found out it was about the songs and not the
shredding that counts.
that summer i think i really exploded. i began writing
songs and recording them at home with a karaoke machine. i
did all the instruments and just had a blast. the tapes are
still in my room somewhere. they're laughable. but hey i
had a blast doing em.
after that i began playing guitars for ERF . we got
monchie, my bro to p;lay drums.
line up changes:
this is our current line up. elson's my college buddy.
funny before he joined the band, we used to jam and found
we could'nt play anything together.

i guess im getting a bit tired of monch and elson as
bandmates. tired of them not performing well at practice. i
mean we need to practice at least once a week to keep in
tune. kaso these guys seem like we just need to practice
only if we have a gig coming up. i'm very frustrated at
this. monchie especially shows how uninterested he is.
nakakawaLANG GANA kung tinatamad drummer nyo. not very professional.
si elson pwede pa. can't really expect too much from the guy cause
he's married with a kid. kaya medyo ok lang. i know it's hard for him
to juggle beingb a family man and being in a band. and the fact that
he lives in QC..
me, i just wanna play. we'll keep at it. and i hope attitudes change.
seems like i'm doing all the work. i write the songs.. i find the
gigs.. i set up everything. i just want to see them working for the
band's good.
i need a change. maybe fresh people with a desire for this as strong
as mnine would be the way to go.
you wont keep me down.
let's see what happens next.

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