steaming the buns
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2002-01-05 03:04:00 (UTC)

back to the grind

back to work. so the holiday vacation is over.. no prob. i
was getting a bit tired of being cooped up at home. not
that i never got out. sure i went out to parties, gimiks
whatever. but i bore at home easily. should've planned
ahead and went out of town. my parents wanted to go to
baguio but i really hate long rides. i mean i really really
hate em. cruise or plane. that's the way to travel.
today's saturday..guess i'll stay in tonite. think i over
partied last time and am still suffering from a massive
hangover(the party was 2 days ago)
nothing specific to write about today. pretty dull day. i
was supposed to workout kaso the school gym's still closed
for the holidays. th8ink i'll just exercise at home. the
holiday parties and overeating haff taken their toll. i
smacked my belly and woah! surf's up. i mean there was this
wave of fat motion. scary. mamya pawis.
i'm taking it easy at work cause i know next week's tha
start of classes and i know it's gonna be intense. i teach
by the way. problem is, my classes extend way out of the
school. cause i teach short courses to working adults also.
kaya i make the rounds of visiting the various learning
centers of the school. problem is, we have centers in far
off places! yikes! next week i'll be at north edsa. layo!
(makatiboy ako)last time ortigas. ok lang ayala. i hope i
don't get sent off to the las pinas center!

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