steaming the buns
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2002-01-05 02:44:32 (UTC)

saturday nights

haay.. it's saturday night and there i was at home bored
out of my skull. know the feeling that you just needed to
get out of the house and go anywhere? this saturday was
just like that. i had the feeling i had to get out. what do
i do? where do i go? with whom? got my fone and browsed
down my address book for the usual. suspects. i texted one,
two three... so on. malas. looks like no one was in the
mood for going out tonight.damn!really miss my friend
lejan. the only barkada i had left that lived right here in
makati went on to dubai to work. we've known each other
since high school. first memory i have of lejan was him
trying to rip off my bracelet. he had this thing for
bracelets.. his collection of them took up both his arms!
he was into glam rock then i think. anyway the next thing i
know we're in a band together. my first high school band. i
played drums and lejan was the vocalist/guitar. anyway,
that's when we really bonded i think. i mean talagang
magiging close kayo when u think of the stuff we
experienced as a band. this was i think 1991? not sure but
the band scene as i know was not that big yet. the gunge
explosion which would send hundreds of kids to buy rj
guitars was still a long time coming. can u imagine four
high school kids ( i think we were sophomores) going all
the way to tagaytay to play some shows? it was hard! we had
to bring our own stuff. just visualize lejan with his
guitar, a bckpack full of effects and me trudging along
with my snare drum and a hi hat stand. jeez. and we
could'nt drive yet so we took the bus. i remember the first
time we arrived, we were supposed to play at a school. (our
bassist ian set it up) there was this group of kids waiting
at the front. all in black with shirts that
said "sepultura" slayer" etc... good. roadies! they were
friends of ian and they helped us out. the show was
scheduled i think 5pm. but by 3pm, tagaytay was visited
by "typhoon bading" or sumthin. no show. resked for tom.
what should we do? the school heads told us we could spend
the night and continue with the show the next day. ok so we
agreed and upacked our gear. there was going to be a little
program thast night, so we could do a mini show then.
alright. ok so by 7 we were getting ready to play.l. and
guess who passes by? why it's the "metal" kids but without
their black shirts. they had a different kind of costume
on. it seemed that they were part of tonight's "show". i
could'nt hide my grin when i saw them come in dressed as
pirates and fairies and whatever. yan ang METAL! so we
played.. then went to our room which was actually the
school clinic. zzzzzz. i think it was 3 in the morning that
i suddenly woke up to find a long line in our room leading
to our bathroom! i guess that was the only one in this
building. ok , so we got up, took a walk and found this
coffee shop to chill. 2pm. concert time! ok now we head to
this big sports complex where we were supposed to play. but
by the time we got there, it was'nt a concert crowd that
greeted us, it was a disco crowd. somebody told us that the
show might not push through seeing that the people were
already happy just dancing. but no we wanted to play! so..
we somebody cut the music off. dead silence. frowns on
everyone's faces. saying: "bitin ako". we did'nt care.
except for lejan who was a bit nervous thinking we spouiled
their dancing pleasure. fuck that! let's play. so we go out
there to do our thing.. if i remember correc5tly at some
point lejan walked to the side and refused to sing! i guess
all the stares got to him. but did we stop? no. not even
when the disco kings and queens demanded their disco music.
not even when our singer didnt want to sing. not even when
our bassist sliced his hand a nd bled all over the place.
now with two of our members out of commision, me a nd gino,
the guitarist went on to wreck the stage instead. i
remember i was running all over the place jumping on the
drumkit, knocking over stands.. i didnt care they sounded
crap anyway. guess the organizers had had enough and pulled
the plug. thank you! good night! anyway that was my first
ever gig. after some talking and demands about us paying
paying for the damage, we went home. rock n roll. that
was'nt tyhe last time we played at tagaytay. seemed that
that was the only place we played. i did't know about the
bars in manila yet. the second or third time we played
tagaytay, i think it was a town fiesta or whatever with us
sharing thwe bill with a disoc mobile. first time i saw the
name of the band advetrtised (even if we had a crappy name,
i mean translation: peklat!) i remember we had to walk a
very very long way through dirt roads at night in total
darkness. our only beacon.. a light somewhere up the hill
where the the show was venued. kakatakot. we were just
kids. i mean, paano kung may mga mang gago sa amin? dayo
lang kami. it was a bit harder getting gigs then. not like
when grunge was in and suddenly there were battle of the
bands every week. you had to really get down and dirty. and
i'm glad we experienced those things early. wait a minute,
i was supposed to write about my saturday night dba? next
installment na lang.