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2002-01-05 01:47:06 (UTC)

Contacts... grrr

just got off the phone with "Lens Express" that i ordered
contacts from over the internet. Seems that not all my
information got to them (although my visa number sure made
it) and so they can't send out my order. sucks to be
me. :-P so i guess i will actually have to drive over to
the lens place and pick up my contacts. i really didn't
want to go over there until i had my next eye exam....oh
well. but i really need them, so that way i can go get my
hair cut (well that doesn't look like it makes much sense)
hehe. but i think tuesday or wednesday i should be able to
get my hair cut, as long as dania's working, she's
awesome :) well i guess i should be getting back to work
now. ho hum.