Self harming dyke
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2002-01-05 00:54:09 (UTC)

Will that be the end now...?

Mood: Contented
Music: *When will I see her again?*
Cuts: Is this even a relevant question any more?

So. I decided to ring her in the end. I rang up with the
pretence of having forgotten a prescription and explained
that I had fallen asleep in the waiting room (!). I then
felt really bad, cos she was all apologetic for having kept
me waiting so long - bless! She has a very sexy voice and I
fancy her a lot!

Anyway, I didn't see her today, but at least the last
(ever...?) conversation we had didn't involve me behaving
like a gimp!

Well, I am going back to Brussels in a couple of days. I
don't know how to feel about it, but am determined to try
very hard at making it excellent and getting myself some
kind of job for after the traineeship.

I will try to write tomorrow. If not, see you in Brussels,
back on the work PC.

*growl* (at dog which just looked up at me from my bed
where she was kipping)