Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2002-01-05 00:46:35 (UTC)


Man, why do I always do this? I seriously thought that i
was completely over zack, but then he had to get online
tonight and start talking to me about this other girl he
likes! What an ass hole! I am so pissed right now, I just
want to start bawling. This is so not cool. I dunno, I
guess I just thought that I would be the one to find
somebody new first....I guess I was wrong. Why does my life
always get fucked-up like this? But this is different.
Worse than before, I never liked someone this long after we
broke up. Usually I can just snap outta it pretty fast and
move on, and I thought I did that finally this time, but I
guess that I was wrong. He just had to get online tonight.
I dont know why he even IMed me! What a fucking ass hole!
I'm so upset now but I don't even know what to say to him
so I just put up a gay away message! This is so crappy.
Gosh damnit kelly, you gotta stop doing this to yourself.
Gina told me about 50 times that all he was gunna do was
hurt me, exactly when I thought things were going good,
over and over again. She's been through this whole thing,
cept with another guy. This totally sucks ass. Right now, I
hate zack. so he can just go fuck himself! Or go and fuck
cortney and get her pregnant so he will have to be with her
forever! fuck you zack!

sorry, that was harsh, but I'm so upset right now it isn't
even funny.

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Love you all and Godbless