poisoned darkness
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2002-01-05 00:45:11 (UTC)

a night out

city club is the oldest goth/industrial club in the city of
detroit. it is the club of choice for tonight. my parents
are absolutly against me going, but thank god i'm 19. but
as they say, boys don't get raped. AAAHHH. its not that
they don't want me to have a life, but i'm their baby girl,
bla bla bla. the same story i get everytime i do somehting
new. it could be worse. but this is why i didn't want to
come home for christmas. thats right. 10 more days of
hell, and nothing for me to do about it but smile and nod.
i'm not one to wear make up or do more to my hair than
brush it, much to sam's chagrin. well tonight, i curled
part of my hair, enough that it should stay, and i'll put
make-up on later.

i'm in the mood for fun.

my parents are in the mood to be protective.

anyone see a conflict of interests there?

yeah, me too

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