Sparkles*n*Spikes' Journal
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2002-01-05 00:09:02 (UTC)


Aaaaah. Dear diary:) Haha, today was so boring. Except I
cut my hair! All by myself:) I'm such a big girl:) It's
much prettyier now. Still have to finish my nails from last
night. One hand is black, and the other grey, thin
nailpolish:P Played the Sims, me and Amir are some sort of
psychics, neato! Unggg, still have to do my projects, two
days left!! Aieee, I'll die. But I get to go back to
school, *finally!!*, and see...some people:):)
Tihi...*sings* Bounce pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo:D
Lurv that song. And Nana d/l Shane's video, saw Bobbit's
weewee!! Hahahaha, much fun much fun:)