my so wicked life
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2002-01-04 23:34:40 (UTC)

but i can't breath++++++

music being to listen:
placebo "pure morning"
i still can't breath or whatever i can't stand to stay at
home time is around midnight pfff a friday night at home???
what's the hell? i can't sleep because i can't breath
well i know what is wrong with my life and i have to change
it and especially i have to go out if not i think gonna
become asthmatic yeah of course that not funny this place
is wrong and my parents to old
happiness school is close to start and i shouldn't be alone
again well make me in challenge to get a greeting to go out
next week end all depend i can go out with evryone i don't
care i think gonna write a letter to my friend JULIE and
then i can call my druggie rebellious friend JB i can find
an exuse to hange out with him i can say oh for fact i
don't miss school i can't met you on the bus on the monday
morning so i will nbe glad to go out with u or whatever???
and now i have his number phone hehe
well i have to go OUT
plan to spend my friday with my bf and sunday with friend
who i don't know....again well my birthday is close to be
real and i have to celebrate it this time lonely reason if
i don't do something whenever im being to turn at 20 my life
should be DEFINITLY A BIG SHIT or whatever the same wicked
life??? welll and definitly I HATE MY PARENTS AND MY OLD
OLD FATHER especially when he is sick don't get any
consideration??? this place is wrong and wrong and really
i can't breath at all so.....
well i have to
1 have sex several time with my bf
2 hange out on the week end
3 save some contact with some people i would like to be
4 to be stronger and stand the hell at school till the end
of the year
5 to become a black metal one !!!!!!!!!
well finally my old sister was coming back yesterday and my
little sister and we went to see a movie HARRY POTTER
we met on the street ALBAN with girl and recognize Marie
and said Hi to her so he get a girlfriend??? (was in my
class in my first years of highschool and went in economy
class after...for myself i met a buch of senior girls and i
regonize AUDREY and SARAH SPRING ( the one i belevied she
was moving in england that years) and maybe JUlie coze a
girl was wearing the same kind of clother but i dont see
well coze we walked so fastly but anyway they saw me and
smiled at me i was ready to say hei wait me i come with u
but i was with my sist' and it was planning at all but now
i should now what to tell about monday at school whenever i
gonna see them hehe...

so yeah maybe my life can change
ifnot PARIS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gonna phone to my bf tomorow
guess what maybe its weird i was worry to be a pregnant
coze i have sex without taking the pills thing i was
thinking whenever i was on the cinema....
yeh i must seriously start to take the pills
my life sux already and don't want to waste this by a
sex yeah but free:-))
yeah by for now
i gonna buy new shoes tomorow and maybe the one my mom
don't expect but still in black
yeah i like the contradiction
bye 4 now wish me a better life for the day which is
comming next