can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-01-04 23:19:49 (UTC)

my library trauma

thank god for sally, who is such a gossip! she gave me a
ride home from work today, and filled me in on all the shit
thats going on there.
background info:
i was hired to be oneals backup, meaning i worked for him
during soccer season, then a few days a week after that,
and when he couldn't make it or whatever. after soccer
seaon evil bitch boss decides, hey! lets give me more hours
and cut back on oneals. i don't really mind because i'm
only working three days a week, and the money is nice, but
it sucks because oneal lost his hours and i feel bad. so we
talked to greeley (boss) and she basicly said, oh well i'm
punishing oneal for playing soccer, and youre stuck w/ it.
this was all a month or two ago. he wrote a little letter
to be brought up at the trustees mtg, which was last night.
and all hell broke loose!! evil boss didn't talk to me
about it today--which i was expecting--but sally filled me
in on the second hand info she got. which basicly was oneal
was brought up at the mtg., it lasted for over three hours,
and TWO trustees got up and left!!
poor oneal. ms. greeleys gonna kick his ass good, which is
SO unfair.
lets see, anything else interesting today? umm, nope, not
much! gotta talk to sardou, see if he wants to chill
tomorrow. maybe he can come over if the parentals aren't
home...? whatever.
and now its the weekend! thank GOD!!!!