Deep Down
2002-01-04 23:09:08 (UTC)

To The Love of My Life........

Well Star, this whole diary entry is for you, my dear, to
let you know just what kind of things I go through everyday
and night when we are apart and don't talk.
That's all it is. I can once again breathe. I can once
again watch the sunset, by myself, knowing that somewhere
out there (on the east coast) lies the one for me.....my
one and only. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off
of my shoulders and I can dance around the room, singing as
loud as I want to any one of Hoobastank's songs. God knows
I'd love to do that!! Or perclaim my love on stage over and
over again. God knows that I love to do that too! I never
knew I had it in me......proud and loud....I would do it
all over again. Today, I'm afraid I must work...but I
always enjoy it as long as I have my thoughts. So, I feel
like enclosing a poem, just to set my mind at ease and let
you know just how happy I am. Hope you enjoy my love....
I Will Be There
Sometimes the road of life becomes unbearable and it seems
easier to give up than to go on. But you should always
remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For
every rainy day; there will be a rainbow, and for every
moment of everyday, forever and always there will be
someone there to love you and always be there for you. To
carry you over the rocky roads and lead you through the
tunnels. To share with you the smiles, the tears, the rainy
days and the rainbows. Whenever you need me, I will be

Well, I hope you liked it sweety. That was just for you,
and only you. I love and miss you tons. xoxoxoxoxo

Love Always,