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2002-01-04 22:53:08 (UTC)

what up with the family

eh-today kyle got a job. bout time really. he's 26 and
still living at my parent's house. he's so frigging picky
about what he gets and stuff. so now he's like finally
something good has happened after all this bad stuff. as if
he survived a lot. it was his own fault that he put himself
into that position. but lets throw him aparty. whereas the
daughter in the family-at 22 is in NYC and out of the house
for the most part.but even on my graduation they yelled at
me b/c iw asn't ready to leave the campus on time. that's
why i am going to grad school out of state. to get away
from them and hopefully form some type of managable
relationship with them. but coming home for the break
wasn't such a great idea.
o well....i know life isn't suppose to be about
complaining and stuff, however, since i was never really
allowed to be open like that in my house....it comes back
to bite u in the ass.
and sometimes i swear it seems like the friends u make
that are suppose to be there just kind of leave. no i am
not saying they have to be there all of the time. b/c man
that's too hard for anyone, however at least once in awhile
it would be nice. i have always considered myself to be
nice and a good listener. i have a BA in psychology and i
want to help people alot. however, there are times when i
just need friends. nothing else.

but today is cool. i realize that i am going back to nyc.
that there are people who care out there. that i am not
such a horrific person. i can be decent. i am decent. i
just have to deal with the ups and downs of bipolarity a
lil bit better.

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