Tabatha Wallace

2001-04-10 20:17:03 (UTC)

April 10, 2001

I'm so bored...........and depressed. I hate having Andy
here, but I really don't have any reason to hate him though.
It's just he annoys me for no purpose at all. My mom gets
on my nerves too. I've changed Gaby, alot. I told this huge
lie to Anne Ellyse to get some sympathy. I called her up
crying and told that my father was dead, and my mother had
kept it a secret. I know terrible. And it's not like I can
tell her the truth, that I lied. I mean she would tell
everyone then I would have no friends at all. My mom's
sleeping right now, and I'm supposed to be acting sick. I
do feel sick, but not physically, just emotionally. Plus
I'm still bummed from getting a B in science. It's not bad
but I can't afford to screw up any of my grades. That B
could cost me another scholarship later on in life. I got
to get into a good college. But I have a feeling I will be
going to Florida University. It's a good school, but let's
face it, it's definitely not Harvard or Yale or Princeton.
Even Duke, Emerson, Stanford, or Brown. I just have to get
in to a college like that, it's the only way I can achieve
what I need so bad. Plus Florida University is way to close
to my mother. She drives me nuts. Oh, I really hope Noah
likes me. I can't really be sure, but even though I'm not
skinny, I don't think I'm butt ugly. Anyways if he doesn't
like me then he must like someone that hangs around me.
Maybe he still wants Alicia. Even though he was the one
that broke up with her. I just can't figure guys out. Well
I got to go Gaby, talk to you later.

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