The many thoughts of Ann
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2002-01-04 22:51:38 (UTC)


well... i just got a message from this girl named ANN!!!!
and she said that i normally have fun happy things to write
about... however this is not so great. this girl at my
school got molested by a teacher.. and his name was mr
muxlow! he was the creepiest guy ever but i never thought
he would do anything like that!! he put his hand up her
shirt and asked if she wanted him to stop! it was SO
freakY!!!!! and now i am really creeped out! cuz i mean he
was teaching us after this happened but now he is not
allowed on the school property! its so scary! not nearly as
scary as it must be for the girl!
well on a lighter note... i worked out yesterday ....blah!
i have to work out like daily cuz of breaking my leg! but
my leg was in SO much pain today.. u know how u feel after
working out and ur mucsles are all sore! thats how is
feels!!!! so its hard to walk haha oh well
sonia came over for about an hour tonight... she had to
leave cuz she was going to the basketball game! its really
nice seeing her cuz her parents dont let her out much at
all cuz she has to study and her mom had sergery so she has
to help her all the time..
anyways.. thats all for now
and ANN thanx so much for the message i LOVE gettin
them...plus i tend to write more when i know ppl are readin!