2002-01-04 22:33:16 (UTC)

Already missed a day :(

Its been a hectic work week so far, too much stress, worry,
food, cigarettes, soda, and too little sleep, veggies,
exercise, and positive interaction with friends. i feel
like i'm stuck for good in this cave of an apartment.

this weekend i'm going to try at least to make it less like
a cave, do a whole lot of cleaning and redecorating. and
i'm going to see Jenni and Doug and the kids, and i'm gonna
call James, and see if i can't put together some kind of
outside friendships again. that kinda attacks two of the
above complaints..out of the cave, and less like a cave.

i hope the nag email about this diary will also serve me as
a reminder that there IS life outside my apartment, and its
not all bad, and when i go out into it, i usually have a
pretty good time. we'll see.


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