I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-01-04 22:04:58 (UTC)


I know, it's been awhile. Deal. Anyways, I got textbooks
today. Almost $300! For 4 classes. Geez...maybe I should
write a textbook. As for New Year's, well, I refuse to
regret it, but I pray that it all turns out ok. *sigh*
We'll see. It was interesting, to say the least.

It's very cold for Florida today. High of 43 degrees.
Brrrr. Spurrier resigned today. Yay. My fingers are very
cold. I am really looking forward to school on Wednesday. I
really hope that I meet new people. I'm lonely. I need new

My parents got me a cell phone for christmas. That was very
nice of them. There really wasn't anything that I wanted
that they could afford, or that I wanted them to buy for me
for that matter.... Life continues.....