ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-01-04 21:15:07 (UTC)

Thug Life BabY

whut up ya'll!!! life iz good my friendz.everything seems
to be on the upside for now..its friday and the weekend is
here.well i made it through skool..which seemed to take
forever..but i think thats just becuz i knew i get to see
Steve tonight and i was excited.well Steve has been talking
to me everynight and I swear that boy is sooo sweet...he
treats me so good...i mean i realize now that burke treated
me like complete SHIT.its such a nice change to have sumone
REALLY care....Im just glad i have a man like steve
now.well tonight me,flanny,manda,and steve are prolly all
gonna chill.tommorrow we'll all chill again more than
likely and i think my girl Taryn is coming over too.then
sunday me and momz are going to Hagerstown shoppin since im
phat paid right now...hopefully the two ninjaz i met there
last time will meet up with me and we can hang out..maybe
get fried.they were cool when i met em at Hot Topic.I kinda
want Steve to go with me sunday cuz we'll get to spend time
together but i dont want to make him go shopping wit
momz..cuz she drives everyone crazy when ya shop wit her.ah
i got soo much shit to do today..i gotta burn a bunch of
cds for Steve cuz he wants to start listenin to
Psychopathic stuff, i got my hair cut last night so i wanna
put it all in rubber bands ,i gotta clean my room, eat
dinner (mmmm king crab legs), and then get ready to go
out.well imma bounce

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