listen to my silences
2002-01-04 21:13:00 (UTC)

pretty much not a lot

just got back from my grandparents house. me and my sis
and bro all stayed the night with them. yeah i know
awwwwwwwww...i'm seventeen and i still stay the night with
my grandparents. k so anyways...

i have to leave for work in about fifteen minutes, but i
wanted to write something in here since i actually had time
to get online.

i talked to kells a minute ago. she called me last night
at like ten thirty but i couldn't talk. something happened
at her house with her dad. her and her mom are moving
out. this is not a good situation. it really worries me.
hopefully danielle and her mom are moving with them. kells
is coming up to work to tell me what happened.

still no word from brodie. maybe he's working
tonight...who knows.

just found out that my car needs a new axle. yay! fun
stuff guys. along with a whole bunch of other crap. but
i'm off to work so have fun all.

final thought: it has to start sometime it has to start
somewhere what better place than here what better time than