2000-11-22 22:18:02 (UTC)

HEy what s up? Today is 11 / 22..

HEy what's up? Today is 11 / 22 / 00 kinda weird huh? Anyways, it's
wednesday and thanks giving break has just started. I'm looking
forward to all the good food from tomorow! num num. Braam will
probibly be there, and i havn't seen him in a long time. I really
don't wanna see him, because he has always been one of those guys who
are always better than you. Why can't there be more guys like Alex?
He's cute, hot, really nice, and we understand each other. I walked
into him in the halway before school today. So i showed him the pic
that i have of him. Gosh he is so cute, but there is no way that we
will ever end up together. We are like best friends, and besides, i
don't think i'm his type. He likes the SMG and Brit-Brit type. And
i'm more of a Chris girl. you know what i'm saying? anyways, i had
fun in math today with Will. He can be funny sometimes, but what in
the world does he see in his girlfriend? She not really good lookinng
at all. anyways, i probibly shouldn't be so mean. I hope Sarah is
doing OK, after cutting her wrist, i'm not sure what to do. I wanna
make her feel better, but i don't know how. In the mean time i'm just
gonna enjoy the thought of the good turkey and the oh so delisious
ham and mash!