Forgotten Misery
2002-01-04 20:39:53 (UTC)


I feel like cinderella I clean my whole house today and
took down most of the x-mas stuff the tree is up and thats
it but it only has lights left on it go me lol. I still
have to go clean my room let me tell u how much fun that is
lol and then im gonna head out in my car yes we bought it
andrea now has a car of her own holy hell lol. I cant wait
till tomorrow geoff is coming up yeah and hes gona bring my
girls jamie and maggie im so so happy u dont even know i
have been so bored now i get to have my buds around for a
day im so happy. I want them to come so bad that im like i
will so pay your gas lol and anything else lol. Well since
i cleaned my house for u guys u best come or or sniffles