Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-01-04 20:33:56 (UTC)


Well, my part of the computer is working now, so..yay!
But it sucks, also. Imean, I lost all the links to
everypage I go to, besides the ones I actually saved in a
word document, and I have to re-enter and re-save every log-
in name and password.
But I guess it could be worse. I mean...I could have NO
internet ever, and would have to use my sisters, and her
friends would be going on all the sites I go on "Ooh, they
said a naughty word, heheh!!" I hate her friends.

Heh, Ellie got "IT" the other day on video. I thought it
was going to be scary and gory and nasty by the wy people
go on about it, but it was...crap.
"Faster pussycat! Kill!Kill!" is on tonight and I'm going
to record it!!!!

My mum has almost booked us a holiday. This sucks, I don't
want to go to Spain or the Canaries or anywhere like that.
I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I know we can't really
afford it and she's just doing it for us, but she's not!
She's doing it for Ellie. Mum asked where I wanted to go, I
said America, Egypt, Greece. I know they're expensive, but
if we don't go somewhere this year, we could afford to go
to anyone of those next year. Anyways, I guess it'll never
happen, so I'll just shut the fuck up.