Life In The Fast Lane
2002-01-04 19:42:32 (UTC)

Its Friday

Its friday and only a few more days until Josue leaves and I
am so scared and sad and I don't know what I am going to do.
I will have no one to make me laugh and no one to really
make me feel good and like a real person. I know that there
ore others out there, but what if I am tired of looking for
those people who I want there are many people yes but not
many that I want. I want some one that can love me for who I
am and what i do instead of what I am and what i can do for
them. Is there a such thing. Maybe I try to hard someone
once told me that if you want it bad enough then you will
get it some day so I have been waiting and all I get is more
heart ache and hurt so maybe I should slow do I know I
should but I don't know how. I am scared that if I slow do
then I might miss all the good things in life and be stuck
with the sloppy and i don't want that.

What do you think

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