lost in the dark
2002-01-04 19:41:35 (UTC)

One week..

Hey Entry. The week trip down is just about over and I am
sorta dreading of returning home. When is the next time
that I am going to be seeing my twin ? But, I am also going
to be really glad that I am going to be going home. Kids
are not my thing even if I am not looking after them. I
think it is the noise that they make or the demands that
they make. I am thankful that I am not going to have kids
or don't want them.
I am also looking forward to seeing Brother and Sister. I
have missed them. Poeple that I feel as if I belong. Not as
if I feel out of place here with my Twin, but it is not the
same. I have Family and then there is my family. And right
now I miss my family.

Lost in the dark...