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2002-01-04 18:56:51 (UTC)

Jauary 4th, 2002 How funny people are......

I don't like lairs.

That is a statement all it's own.

I don't work well with people who make my problems theirs. I
will tell you why? Because my friends the ones presently
don't know about the abuse that I received as a female in a
relationship my ex use to beat me with his fists into my
back and my stomach. The scars heal but the memories don't.
Another ex raped me. Another I had to help because of his
drug habits. Now I refuse to date man who think they are
better then me, and who don't listen, and who take what they
have and not use it because of something so stupid. I have
a friend who name is Sandy she is in love with someone who
she will never have because John knows that he she is out of
her league in age and looks and smart and experiences and
Sandy did something really bad she contuine the string her
puppy dog ex boyfriend along in case John doesn't come to
her. Well we all know that John is of course looking for
others and someone with the level of respect that he
deserves I agree, completely I would do the same you can't
play games that is unfair to the one party who continously
gets hurt her ex is mad for her and she doesn't give him the
time or day. I know by listening the stories and to her
bashing him alll the time, they will end up together!

Sandy to get John's attention has killing herself ad playing
the "poor Sandy" routine but you know she is only hurting
herself cause you can't cry wolf and have people who care
fall into that trap. I don't pity her at all I think blowing
smoke is nothing I should worry about it isn't my problem or
John's because if anything happens it isn't his FAULT!