Inside my mind
2002-01-04 18:44:22 (UTC)

Here's another poem

Stars are meant to be wished upon,
and I thank my lucky one each night,
for giving me the wish I wished for,
the wish that makes heaven so bright.

Dreams are meant to be remembered,
and every night to be dreamt so true,
that is why I cherish my dreams,
because each night I dream of you.

Promises are meant to be kept,
and never ever to be broken,
all the promises I've ever made
have been revealed each time we've spoken

Love is meant to be felt,
from the heart so deep and true,
that's exactly how I feel
each time we say "I Love You"

My stars granted me the wish,
of dreams every night of you,
all promises I've ever made,
were to always love you.

Now keep in mind that this poem is NOT about anyone. It
could be but it's not just for the fact that it says that
we say I love you. But if it didn't say that then it would
be about someone. Alright? I just thought I should make
that clear to everyone. Later