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2002-01-04 18:29:42 (UTC)

sick with insomnia 2

at the point that "mama" came down, i was then fully
awake. i felt to write and remind myself of my status. on
the top of the page, it says "NOIZE":

front side:
"LIGHT! There is light amongst us! Mama came down. She was
in pain, so she thought she'd walk it off. It is 6:34. At
about 4:20, I started to get sleepy, and if I found myself
having my eyes closed for 3 seconds or more, I slapped
myself. The noise was so much louder around 4 o'clock. I
noticed it had become one with my voice. I can hear it
clearly, but what it says is nonsense. My "noize" talks
for me, so I am now a compulsive speaker. But, over the
Internet, I feel as if I really am smart. I ate
marshmallows to stay awake. They helped for about a
minute. I would move around, or get up. I also went to the
little part of light coming through the window and I read
my previous noize over and over. My ill mind has been
calmed, and now I look forward to cereal for breakfast."
(there's a little doodle of a face, like nny's, with one
big happy eye, and the other, psycho-ish) "Icepacks are
cold. Yes, well, as fascinating as that is, I wish to not
write any longer, as I am fully awake and aware of my
senses, and am shivering intensely. I do not wish to turn
off the light for fear of sleep again.... And I still
depressed and sick.

Oh yeah, at 5:08, the time, from where I was lying, looked
like "S.O.S."... and immediately, I though, "Save Our

Back side:
"I am so sad, and full of nugat-filled hatred. I went to
get breakfast for moi, and.... NO CEREAL!! And I was
looking forward to cereal at about... 4 this morning. Oh,
spoot... I shall go be depressed now."

*sigh* sickness has taken my mind over, eh? the crevices
are filled with but illness... ¬_¬ sad, isn't it?

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