Figments of my Imagination
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2002-01-04 18:22:03 (UTC)

Chrisitans... AGHHHHH!!!!

God I hate representin something so disgusting...
I believe the christian religion is one of the best out
there. I practice christianity. I know I sound like a
fucking hypocrite but I'm not. Now, I have many many
problems with christianity, and thats because of christians
themselves. I am so disgusted with they way they act. I
swear to god everyday I will never be like them. All you
christians can eat shit. fucking fakes. thats what you
are. You think your fucking saved just cause you believe,
but your not. I hope you rot in hell for all the shit you
put everyone through. Thats why people think i'm not
christian, cause I don't associate with those assholes. I
get persecuted by christians because of my own beliefs...
jesus christ, christian persecuting christians? WTF?!!!!
I've been called satanic, and just completely shit
treated. I swear all of the non-christians I know are the
most Morally-Characterized people, while the christians
have shit for brains and ostricize people. I couldn't even
begin to swallow that shit about how They are saved and the
Non christians aren't... I don't care what they say, and don't
listen to their crap all you non-christians. Your good people and I
love all ya'll. Dun worry about wtf the ass-fuckers say, you'll get
to heaven somehow. I could ramble on, but I'll just
keep it short. You christians fucked your god countless
of times over. I think its time he fucks you.
Peace Out,

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