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2002-01-04 17:48:50 (UTC)

it's been a while...

I know it's been a while since I've written but I was out
of town for the holidays and trying to get back in the
swing and now i've come down with the flu. I worked half
day yesterday and didn't make it in today. I feel a little
better today but i'm congested and upset stomach and
chilly. But the body aches are a little better today but I
still have the headache too. I'm grateful for the weekend.
There is a lot I want to write about my trip, the holidays,
etc. but i'm not in the mood really right now.
I had a date scheduled for tonight with the Hawaiian/Korean
guy, we kept in touch when I was away, and he called me
Christmas Day at my parents, so when I get home he said he
needed to talk to me and it seems he's gone out with some
girl from his gym 2-3 times and he thought he MIGHT have
another date with her on Friday.(?) Nothing was planned but
he felt he would have to cancel our date because of a date
he MIGHT make with her......but if it doesn't work out, can
i call you?????? I was dumbfounded that he'd even be like
that. I told him no, he could not call me. I told him I
thought he was rude and limiting himself. He doesn't even
know if he really likes this girl and he's blowing me off.
I said, do you think you are the only guy i'm dating? He
said he knew he'd regret this and I told him I hoped she
was everything he was looking for because he didn't even
give me a chance.
I got an email from him today apologizing. Would I forgive
him. I told him I accepted his apology but still thought he
was rude and how sad he wouldn't even give us a chance. I
also bought him a little something from CA, asked him if
he'd like me to mail it to him. That was really a jab at
him, wanting to make him feel bad, although i did get him
something, but I'd never take the time now to mail it to
I'm going back to bed after I make an egg-in-a-hole and get
some juice.

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