Life & Times of me
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2002-01-04 17:32:03 (UTC)

Happy New Year!!!!........I know it's a little late

What an exciting week it has been....It's flown by so
unbelievably fast. Monday I had that soccer tournament, no
regrets, I think I played halfway decent. I was so fucking
tired though, 4 games, every muscle in my body hurt..by the
end of the night I got over that quickly. So, I came home
and got dressed to go to Dena's for the FIESTA!!! I had
those new black pants on, the hip huggers with the zipper
thing, that black Milan tank top, and a sweater thing..of
course my hooker boots. I guess I looked ok, i really
didnt care, who was I gonna impress..right? Wrong!! I get
to Dena's, I'd say like an hour later, before people really
get there, I got my drink on. The funny thing is, I dont
think I was that wasted, I was still sane. But anyways,
I'll get to the good stuff. So, remember when I went to
Phil's house with Dena, and I met that kid Jim. Well, yah
he was there. What's my thing with Jim's anyways..can
someone please explain that to me!!??!! Well we kinda talk
in the garage, he looked really cute, and no it wasnt the
alcohol talking. Then Dena sticks me in the house to watch
it and keep people in order who were goin to the bathroom.
Well, Jimmy comes in there and we just start talking. That
started it. We talked and talked and talked. In the house
at the party..everywhere. We were together like the whole
night. I was really starting to like this kid, and for
some odd reason I kinda thought he was into me. So then
when midnight came, everyone is kissing yada yada yada, he
gives me a hug. I was like oh my god!!! I totally thought
he was gonna kiss me. But it was all good. I think he was
nervous and wasnt reading me well. But then we ended up
just chilling, its so weird, I'm so myself around him, more
than i am with the other Jim. Then later on we were
sitting on the bench, we were messing around and somehow
got to the point where I was like I owe you something, he's
like well can I have a kiss. It was so cute. Then we just
sorta cuddled and stuff. We went and sat by his friends, he
would like touch my leg, hold my hand. He wasnt ashamed of
being with me. I dont know, I have had so many bad
experiences with guys, I know this sounds lame, but it was
the first time I was truely like happy with a guy. So, we
went in the house and stuff, just hung out with everyone.
I told him he should spend the night, yah he didnt really
have any objections to that. He drove some people home and
then came back. We sat downstairs, and then I was like
well lets go to bed. We had of choice of sleeping in the
same room with Dena and Phil, or getting our own room. Yah
thats a hard decision to make. It was great. As soon as
we laid down we started to get it on. Lauren interrupted
us hmmm...3 times. It was all good though. The weird thing
is, not that I didnt mind it, was that he didnt try
anything on me. Every guy I have ever been with would jump
like right to sex or something. He didnt, he was so
respectful. His kisses were great. I was nervous if I was
kissing bad, I've never kissed anyone since I've had my
tongue ring, he said I was doing fine. Relief. I think the
most memorable part of the night was when I just laid in
his arms and he ever so lightly kissed my forehead. I have
no words to explain it, I know its not like this big deal,
but I really enjoyed it. He stayed in the morning to help
clean up when everyone else left, he's so funny. Then I
had to go home, cause i was supposed to go out with my dad,
oops i forgot, and he gave me a hug and is like do you have
a pen, see i was already ready for that one, i had a piece
of paper with all my info already on it. I talked to Dena
yesterday, phils brother chris was talking to Jim and he
said that he really likes me, we have so much in common,
she's cool...bla bla bla. Yah its all good, but its now
day number 3 and he hasnt called yet. I'm not suprised,
because me and guys dont ever work out, and my heart always
gets broken....I've just learned to set myself up for it,
because it's expected! Well, i'm going to clean my
disgusting room, do some laundry so i actually have clothes
to wear and get ready for work. God, I hope he calls me

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