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2002-01-04 17:05:53 (UTC)

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indeed-- this is my first entry on my-diary. how thrilling.
hmm. the snow is melting here. thank god. i hate to be
housebound. and i can probably see nic tommorow. much fun
to be had. i tried my idea for a photo this morning. i made
a blood concoction(spelling) from hair dye and water. but
it sank into the snow instead of sitting on top of it. the
snow is gimp. maybe it will make a good picture anyway.i
should be cleaning toilets right now. psssh. *sigh* and i
have to get my film developed. why is it i have absolutely
no motivation. i have to clean my car too. its disgusting.
eww. i start college back on monday. thats good. i wont eat
as much. and i'll have something to occupy my mind. it
tends to wander when i let it out by itself.

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