Mysterious Attitude
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2002-01-04 16:55:00 (UTC)

Friday Jan. 4,2002

*Time: 9:36am
*Wearing: my blue velvet pants and my old 2Pac shirt
*Jewelry: tha usual and a green chinese power bracelet
*Hair: down and messed up
*Listenin to : the beepin sounds of IMs and tha tv
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Song of the day : Forever Young- Rod Stewart (Lou picked
it lol)
*Weather: it was cold and very sunny
*Talking to : Louie and Connie and Bobby but he didn't know
who I was and is eatin right now damnnit!!
*Mood: Happy/Mad
*Thinking: Grrr..... I'm going to hurt me a Bobby


I stayed online for a lil bit and talked to sum people....
then Connie got online... one of my friends... we talked
for a lil bit and she finally told me that she is bi-
curious also... I could already tell tho cuz she seemed to
like tha idea of it when I talked bout it... Before she was
goin to leave... she was like... if u want me to I can call
u sometime... so I told her yeah and that I could call her
also... so she gave me her number and she told me to call
at 8:30pm my time....so I said I would... and she signed
off... I signed off a lil bit later... an jumped in tha
shower at 7:30... I got out a lil bit after 8... so I just
turned on tha radio...at 8:25 I called her... and we talked
for a lil bit... my phone card ran out but I got another
one and called her right back... we talked a lil bit
more... then I let her go cuz she had school tha next
day!!! So we hung up... and I ran to tha bathroom cuz I
needed to go really bad... before I ran tho I went to turn
on tha computer and sign on to AOL....well all of a sudden
I heard tha phone ring...I took off runnin from tha
bathroom to get to tha computer and shut it off before it
hung up on tha person who was callin... I finally got to
tha phone... and picked it up... it was Connie again!!!!
She called to tell me goodnight cuz she had forgot to
before!!! It was soooo sweet and she totally shocked me...
I really didn't want to hang up with her.... But I had
to... :( Its ok tho cuz were goin to talk again tonight!!
So I can't wait!!!


I jumped online and talked for a lil bit... but then I
started to feel sick and I signed off at 11:00 to go to
bed...but before I did I found out 2 more people are pissed
at me... Nick won't talk to me for sum reason but I dont
know what that reason is... and I got Carl pissed at me cuz
I'm pissed at him for makin me secondhand so I don't give a
damn anymore... oh yeah Prince came on tv last night!!! He
is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot I tell u... my butt
was planted in front of tha tv watchin him with my mouth
wide open lol... I got mad tho cuz I didn't have a tape to
record it... it was damn good to!!! It was only a half
hour tho so its all good... it was an old appearance from
tha Arsenio Jams Show in 1991 not to long after he released
his cd "Diamonds and Pearls"... Eh... Carl also pissed me
off cuz he was callin Prince a lame fag :( Well anyway...
tha Jerry Springer show is bout to come on so I'm goin to
watch it.. lol bye bye 4 now

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