Puzzling out my life
2002-01-04 16:40:47 (UTC)

Exes: mine and Erins

I went over to Aromas last night with the hopes of seeing
Nick so I could get a phone number for a place thats
hireing. He wasn't there, but I ran into Frank. This is
Erin's ex from about two years ago, whom she spazzed last
year about, because he stopped into my work to say hi. She
claimed I was traitourous because this was her ex, and he'd
been horrible to her, and a bunch more crap along those
lines. Anyways, I had seen Frank the night before last, and
we had hungout with a bunch of other people, reminiscing
about old times. Last night, Jesse dragged us to see Ali,
and I drove Frank over to avoid bringing so many cars.
After the movies, he suggested that we grab some food and
go back to my place and watch a movie. We got to my place,
and Frank announced that his friend left a porn video in
his car, and he wanted to watch it just for the hell of it.
I was a little wierded out by this, since when Frank and
Erin were dating, he announced that I was just like his
little sister, and he acted overprotective of me. I went
into my room to put on some PJs, and he followed me in. He
expressed surprise that I changed in front of me, and I
laughed and told him that its ok, because if he thinks of
me as a little sister still, it shouldn't matter. He said
he didn't think that brothers should want to do what he
wants to. He then kissed me. Extremely well. Long story
short, I ended up having sex with him, although we had to
stop halfway through since neither of us had a condom. He
said that if I would allow a next time, that he'd remember
one. He then announced that he didn't want a relationship,
surprise surprise. I teasingly asked him if I was just
bootie call. He asked if there was anything wrong with
that. When he puts it that way, I guess he's right. So, I
guess I just added another complication to my life. I
really need to tell Scott that its completely over. I don't
want to tell him about Frank, since its not like I cheated
on him, even though it feels like it. I realized last night
that if I'm more selective of my partners this time, theres
no reason I shouldnt be able to play around a lot. Yay.