this is my life
2002-01-04 16:21:45 (UTC)

our "sick" days

well..let's see how my week has gone by so far shall we. i
went to work sunday, was"sick" monday (jeb, too), was sick
for real tuesday (jeb, too "wink, wink"), went to work sick
as a dog wed and left early, was off thursday (jeb was
"snowed in"), and we were both "sick" today. this is going
to be the worst paycheck of our lives. we are two of the
biggest slackers in the world. we went sledding yesterday.
it was so much fun. we bought two of those cheap round
sleds. they work really well. i am so sore today, tho'.
jeb promised he'd give me a full body massage if i called in for him this
morning.and i did..so..i can't wait for my massage. we had so much fun
yesterday. jeb wanted to go again today..but i didn't want to. the snow's
starting to melt. it's supposed to snow again on sunday. who knows?
i hope it does.