My Life, My Problems
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2002-01-04 15:50:06 (UTC)

Hey Baby

Hey C. How are things in your new place. I hope excellent.
I know you looking down on me asking yourself what am I
doing to myself. I seriously don't know. I mean I thought I
was doing fine but I guess I'm not if I'm laying here in
the hosptial for dehydration and some other mess. I don't
know. Baby I love you so much and I would never have
thought I would lose you but I got to get over your death.
I mean I got to wonderful girls to take care of and I can't
be doing this. I got my brother and Egypt to help me
through this. Calandra asks are you doing okay with your
new friends and I tell her yeah you are doing so good.
Kalyani oh my she is growing so big and she looks so much
like you in a girl way. Yeah I got some great news I got
accepted into BaylorU. Yeah I'm going to major in Hotel and
Resturant Management and then I'm go to a Culinary Arts
school. Neways my parents and this jerk are still trying to get me to
marry him and I can't even get them to stop asking me beause I'm not
going to to marry that dumb ass. I love you lots but I got to go

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