2002-01-04 15:24:16 (UTC)

flying high now!

I feel so much better now! Oh dearie.

I got my grades offline. I'm still getting used to the
grading system. What percentage would a 3.34 be?

I'm going to the gym with Jacquie. I'm going to have to be
careful as I was quite sick a couple of days ago. So, it's
to the gym and maybe out for lunch.

I love you all so very much. I know that we will be friends
when we're forty. Won't that be fun? Kinda story-bookish.
Mercy gals to the end! I have to start wearing my ring
again. I took it off one day and I keep forgetting to take
put it on.

Did I tell you guys I'm going on Weight Watchers? It's a
healthy way to lose some weight. I haven't thought of the
disorder for ever so long. I feel as if I'm cured. I didn't
think a day would ever go by w/o thinking of purging, but
indeed I haven't thought of purging in ever so long. Thank

Love is in the air!

P.S. I just realized that I had messages waiting for me!
Sam, all those lovely messages sent by you have finally
been read!