the writing of kuypers
2001-04-10 19:25:53 (UTC)

it photographs, nineteenth century

it photographs, nineteenth century

that woman who represent the images
the beauty and smoothness of the
something that does not have to be touched
could not work that the sepia
cannot work

oh how oh is old the dependency oh the

my mind has been hindered a bastard of the society
I cannot see the
women I see the hat the pen the adornments
of the beauty the absurd way have made
him to be not heard and

it is only one image forced it with an image is that
a shame is he a sin
and now they have corrupted to me
with the knowledge of the society with
the knowledge of him are the reasons and now I cannot even
see the
beauty I can only see oppression

"oh, is not like that one" that says
as I flicker and wonder that I am trying to make an