It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-04 13:32:53 (UTC)

im a person just like you,

only i've got better things to do, than sit around, and
fuck my head, hang out with the living dead, snort white
shit up my nose, pass out at the shows, i don't even think
about speed, that's something I just don't need, I'VE GOT
THE STRAIGHT EDGE!" damn fuckin right minor threat!
anyway, i called vanessa yesterday. she doesn't hate me,
and we're gonna hang out in a few days i guess. so i guess
we're friends again. we didn't have all that long of a
conversation, but i told her i was just callin to tell her
robin's phone #. then i says,"do you still hate me at all?"
and she replys, "i thought you hated me?" then we told a
few stories of us hating each other in the past, then i
just said, "well let's hang out. you wanna chill sometime?"
and she said, "yeeah" with some sarcasism, but in a good
way. she's back together with rich, and he's visiting up
here until the 9th. so that's cool, i think. whatever,
works for me. at least now i know we're sorta friends again.
i called joe too. he was watching a movie with his gf, so
we didn't talk for too long. i said, "hey dude, it's
b****** (my last name, which everyone knows me as, not mike
so much)" and he's like, "what's up man!?" "we haven't
talked in like a decade" "this sucks man, we haven't hung
out in like a while, let's chill!" so i guess we're gonna
chill too. looks like my life is gettin back to normal from
a 7 month mistake.
one weird thing is though, im supposed to listen to my
friends, cause they're the most important thing to me, and
they know me best. but im supposed to find love on my own,
and it doesn't matter what my friends think, only how i
feel? that makes no sense. it's just hypocracy and
contradictions at work. im looking for a gf, that can
please me, and make me happy, and i can do the same for
her. but im also looking for a girl that my friends can be
happy with. i think the only way to do that is to date one
of my girl-friends. but i don't wanna do that, cause if we
broke up, then they're would be a HUGE mess to clean up,
and and casualties to spare. i don't think ill be finding
anyone like that anytime soon, unless i just starting goin
to punk shows to "pick up chicks" which everyone knows im
just sooo good at. whatever. im gonna shower up and meet up
with robin. check ya later.