Mirror of my mind
2002-01-04 10:18:12 (UTC)

A Brand New Year

And a brand new diary...

Each year I try to write down some plans for the upcoming
year. Call them New Year's resolutions, call them plans,
call them dreams or wishes. Fun part of these "plans" is
checking at the end of the year if they've come true.

For 2001 all my "plans/wishes" did actually come true.
Got my driver's license, managed to do my first Teacher
Training Practise and actually survived it. A bonus for
2001 was meeting the "man of my dreams". Don't get me
wrong, nothing romantically, just meeting the
actor/producer/director and president of several
organisations for the first time in our three year
correspondence and working relationship. Still can't quite
understand that he really showed up on my doorsteps this
summer. But it DID happen and I'll probably smile at the
memory whenever I think of it for the rest of my life.

As for 2002...
What kind of plans/wishes do I have for this new year?
First of all, trying to keep adding entries to this new
online diary. The last one kind of slipped away from me
because of problems at the guest-server. Page not loading,
etc. But this one looks ok, I guess.

Big item for this summer is finally flying out to
California to meet some friends I made through the internet
(including that "man of my dreams"). Never flown before,
never crossed the Atlantic, so it's going to be quite an
experience. But hopefully those three weeks will be good
ones, with not too many problems.

And yes, this year I've decided to finally lose some
weight. Not much to lose, but still.... want to get rid of
5 k's of blubber before my summer vacation starts. If I'll
make it? I dunno. Maybe, I hope so. But time will tell.

Anything else? Hmmmm, thinking.... Probably managing to get
through this second year of my studies to become a teacher
in the English language. Not easy starting a studies when
you're 27, but so far it's been fun and rewarding. And now
that I'm 29 I know this is the right course for me. I want
to work with people, especially teens. And who knows, I
might even emigrate to the US in due time. But those plans
are another story, for another time, for another entry.

And since it's still the first week of this brand new year,
it's still legal to wish everybody


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