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2002-01-04 08:59:15 (UTC)

Talked to Mike of Virus Nine

January 4, 2001 Friday 3:12 AM

Mood: Quiet and easily ticked off
Music: Shakira tunes (yeah, I'm listening to pop...and of
course punk. Anti-Flag, Virus Nine, old AFI, Leftover

First entry in 2002, second entry all together. Richard
started school yesterday, but not me. Noooo, not me, I
have until the 29th. I bought a sari for Mita today in
Jackson Heights. I went with Arpana, she wanted to buy a
sari for her mom for her birthday. What happened was, we
saw her mom there later so we kinda lied and said I was
buying a sari for Mita. I ended up buying one, which is
good 'cause I needed a gift for her birthday anyway.
Indian food again, yum. Hot waiter.

I talked to Mike of Virus Nine today. I IM'ed him cause
they're touring with Anti-Flag in the coming months along
the west coast and I wanted to beg them to come to NYC.
He's rad. I would love to go to their shows and say a
hello and hear them rock. Poop, they can't come to NYC
this tour, maybe some other time though. Mike's hot. ;)
So's the rest of 'em. Punk boi!s are so yummy. I wish I
could go to Detroit to see Anti-Flag and them play, but no
way is that possible. On a brighter note, I think Anti-
Flag's going to play in NYC around late March - April. I
know they're going to tour east coast so c'mon, they GOT
TO come to NYC. Maybe this time I'll bring Justin some soy
nuts. Tee hee.

Ah, some of my new year resolutions, the ones I never ever
keep. But let's try again, shall we? To list a few...:lose
10 more pounds. be more outspoken/get more involved in
activism and ISO. Learn the acoustic guitar and then
electric. Study, only A's and B's allowed! Be happy/make
the best of things. Don't be jealous or envious. Have fun.
Don't do anything too stupid.

Ta for now.