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2002-01-04 06:57:18 (UTC)

trica some of this is 4 u!~! *tha 1st part*

u know what ur dad loves u and i cant talk to u cuz he told
me not to and i dont want to be grounded and im 14 and in 1
year i will have my permit and even if i was 70 i would
still need my daddy so im just sayin he loves u!!! and all
dads love their kids and all moms love their kids so dont
make ppls feel bad and stuff thats not kewl!!! neways~~
I had this like 4 hour convo with my DADDY!!~~~It was bout
movin back......*dont yell mom* i dont like it in PA i cant
keep my feelings inside nemore i know my mums will prolly
read this b4 she picks me up from the airport this saturday
and shell prolly talk to me bout it but we fight so much
and STOP usin tha drug thingy against daddy! Its old news!
I dont care its in the past it just makes me angrier at u!
not at him!! Ne ways we talked about if i should move back
during the summer or in b4 school is over 4 tha year....im
not sure....then again i dont know what to do....i dont
want my mom and steve to tell me they feel sorry 4 me! I
hate it when they do that!!!!and i havent even told my
daddy this yet but im purty sure im moving back cuz if we
have to move to fl NONONO i am sooooo not going!!!!!!! and
if we have to stay im not staying!!!!!!!!!! so...i really
miss muh daddy and im not scared to go to temple nemore!
Its just as big as the school im already in!!! So no one
can use that as an accuse nemore *not even me* but anyhoo..
gosta run
luv yas!!!