Reality Bites
2002-01-04 06:52:49 (UTC)

Singing myself to sleep

My mom wants me to start going to bed earlier so I'll be
able to get up for school on Monday, so she's like, "no
more sleepovers b4 school starts" I did however finegal my
way to Carli's on Saturday...yay! that means that after the
movies on Sat night with Mikey and Jason that I don't have
to go home! Providing Carli doesn't flake on me...I pray
she doesnt cause I don't even have Alyssa to take in case
she does and that would look really bad if Carli flaked..I
can't control it, so I won't stress!

I'm NOT gonna be able to sleep because I'm so used to
staying up til 4 and 5...this should be an interesting
night!!! xoxoxox