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2002-01-04 06:04:54 (UTC)


Hullo all!

Just three days ago, I finally got to talk to my nee-chan
(sister), Chibi.. who I adore! She's so awesome! Anywhays,
we finally caught up on stuff.. your basic 'how's it going?
What are you up to deal.' Which was cool.

Then she just had to get me hooked on this anime/manga
called Hana Yori Dango which basically means Boys over
Flower. An old proverb saying which meant choosing
something pratical rather than something as frivolous as
flowers. Yes, that means Boys are more important than

So, I totally have to smack her for doing that to me. She
was talking about it on and on..and now I'm hooked on
it..even though I haven't seen the anime or read the manga.

Not to mention she said something about another anime
called Marmalade Boy which is the ultimate Shojo tri-square
love thingies. [screams] I have to check it out too!

It doesn't even count for the fact that right as of
now...I'm way obessed with Socerous Stabber Orphen..and is
desperately trying to find the manga online. [pouts]

[smiles cheekily] Oh..Orpheeeeeen!! [looks around for her

[dodges head to the left and right]

[slams fist into palm] Kuso...that Phen no baka!

Besides that...I'm totally in love with a new manga called
Fruits Basket! [sighs happily with hearts in eye] It's just
sooooooo kawaii! It's about a school girl name Tooru Honda
who lives in a tent because she doesn't want to trouble her
friends or grandparents. Her mom died and poor Tooru-chan
wants to be strong and such.

One day Shigure and Yuki Saoma finds Tooru camping on their
land. So Shigure invites Tooru to stay at their house in
exchange for cooking, cleaning..household chores.

The problem is... the Soama clan is cursed by a legend.
They turn into one of the chinese zodiac animals when they
are touch by the opposite sex of someone not in the family.

Tooru finds this out when Kyou Soama who's arch rival is
Yuki literally crashes down the roof to challenge Yuki.
Tooru tries to stop the fight by hugging Kyou from behind


Kyou turns into the left out chinese zodiac sign cat. Tooru
seeing this thinks it's somehow her fault grabs Kyou-neko
and wants to take him to the hospital. When she slams right
into Yuki and Shigure.



Yuki turns into this kawaii looking rat/mouse.

Shigure turns into a dog.

Hehehe...But the best part is..they turn back into humans
at any given certain amount of time...

Naked! ^____^

Of course I'm leaving out some stuff..and probably valuable
info. Oh, did I mention it was the rat who tricked the cat
saying that god party was the next day after the party date?

Thus the bitter rivalry between Kyou and Yuki..

Demo.... everyone of the Soamo Clan male are Bishies!!
[drool, drool]

I just finished the first chapter of it. It has 7 volumes!!
And I just only finished the first chapter!!

oh yea.. it snowed today.. a big 8 in.

Ahh.. I'm going to have to remember to send some blank cd's
to Chibi-nee so she can burn the new RK Oav for me.. and
rest of the Rk series! Plus the HYD movie and MB too.

See what did I tell you! I'm an anime freak.

[ puts arms around both Kyou-kun and Yuki-kun] You guys are
my new bishes!




A orange cat and mouse/rat replaces Kyou-kun and Yuki-kun..
on top of their disregard clothes.

Kyou-neko: BAKA!! Why the hell did you do that for!?

Yuki: Shutup you baka neko... Muses didn't mean it.

SDMUSES: [ Who is shaking her head apologetically with
tears streaming down her eyes] Hai [hiccup] Hai. Gomen
[wails] Gomen.

Kyou-neko: [hisses] Stop yer whining, girl! ]

Yuki: When I change back I'm going to kick your
don't bore me!

Kyou-neko: [claws Yuki] Bring it on onna otuko!



[Blushes as her eyes widen][ sees naked Kyou and Yuki]

Kyou: [scowls] Do you mind! Have some deceny!

Yuki: [blushes] Hai, mind turning around?

[turns around relunctantly..blushing as the boys get

Kyou: Remember, this time don't touch us!

Yuki:[rolls up sleeves] Baka neko! Come on..I'm going to
have to kick your ass!

Kyou: [ narrows eyes] Baka rat.. you think you can say that
and actually do it!?

Yuki: [smiles slyly] I've done it before...and beat you
every single time.

[droops head as Muses watches the scene unfolds]

I think... I should just stop right now before they do
anymore damages..^______^ JA! ---Muses