Magic of Mascara
2002-01-04 05:54:52 (UTC)

Letter to User

Let me just start by introducing myself. My name's
Christina, I'm 18 years old (I'll be 19 in March) and I'm
from Philadelphia. I also have a journal on,
my names Mascara. I guess I picked that name because I had
another journal site and an old friend (enemy) of mine
found it and I wanted to start another one without her
knowing. I was pretty much hiding from her and people hide
behind their make-up so I chose the name Mascara.

I am writing to you because I love the way you write and
because I think we can share advice about our *crushes*.
Let me tell you my story although I must warn you I am not
as good a writer as you:

I always go to this 80's/industrial club called Shampoo.
This one night I took my friend Kerri and we had a blast.
We walked in and there were a bunch of people there. None
of which I knew, but everyones face was farmiliar. These
two guys I've never seen before walked in about 45 minutes
after we got there and they were totally my type: spiked
hair, cute faces, rolled up pants, tight shirts...punk
boys. Well me and Kerri started walking after them as a
joke and we ended up following them into another room. We
watched them dance for a while and then we walked into the
room we were in prior. About an hour later, I saw the one
kid standing alone smoking a cigarette. So Kerri talked me
into approaching him. I asked him for a cigarette and
walked away with his cell phone number and email address.
Needless to say, we danced all night and I don't think I've
ever had that much fun in Shampoo...ever. So later we say
our goodbyes and the next day I went to work, thinking
about him all day.

I got home from work and he waa online and we started
talking. I asked if he would ever want to hang out again
and he suggested going out that night, so we did. We became
very close, starting hanging out a lot. We went to the
beach for the day, went out to dinner a few times, just as
friends, and I developed this huge crush on him. I miss him
when he wan't around and I couldn't see enough of him when
he was, ya know? Oh god I'm rambling I'm sorry...I'll cut
to the chase. He has a girlfriend back at home, he's going
to school in Philly, and he said that they are one
their 'second chance'. We've kissed a few times so he has
also cheated on his girlfriend with me like your guy, and I
just don't know what to do.

I've know him for I guess a month and a half, and he's
still with her. He knows how much I like him and I am
starting to see how stupid I am for not realizing that he
might just want to be with her. I think I need to tell him
that we should concintrate on being friends and that I'll
be here for him in the end? I am so sorry for rambling,
hopefully I'll hear back from you.