What's up now?
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2002-01-04 05:45:56 (UTC)

and I've been hit....

Gosh when did this all happen? In the past 3 weeks, I have
become more accustome to the life I once had then I ever
did at the that I am gone, and have come back,
I never want to leave again!!! I mean ONE day I will
leave for good, but I'll be taking one of the most
important people with me...hopefully!!! Although I will be
leaving behind my family, I will be leaving to start one of
my own....gosh I'm such a sap....but seriously....I'm
scared shitless to leave on Sunday...I dont want to go back
to my "new" life...I do love it, but it's hard to tell
which I love more....I miss my friemds from school, and if
I didnt go back i would be sad, but I also kind of regret
not taking the chance I had last semester to return back's hard to say which is better for me I
guess...everything just seems really sureal right now I
guess....My friends will be going back to their respective
places Sunday also, so even if I were to stay life wouldnt
be like it has been for the past 3 weeks....Brian would
still be here, but he has a life without me...not that he
wouldnt let me in on it, but he does. So yeah....I just
got home from a FANTASTIC night with him...well I cried a
lot, but its just SO hard to know that I am leaving
again...I'm scared to death things are going to be
bad....they were amazing though at the end of last I'm soo hopeful they will be like that
again!!! we're still working on that, its hard as
hell...but we're a work in progress...
Saturday I'm going to learn to SNOWBOARD!!!! I CANT
wait :) I've been waiting for Brian to teach me for 3
seasons now, and FINALLY!!! WOO HOO!!!! Then hopefully
we'll be off for a fun filled night in Canada :)
YIPPPEEE!!!! Anyways, The reason Brian and I stopped
hanging out so early was so that we could both go to bed,
we're both pretty sick, so we need our rest if we're going
to make it on Saturday!!! Love you and all see most of you