Shelly's Secret Diary
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2002-01-04 04:54:49 (UTC)

jan 4 02

Ok I am in a Much better mood. Me and my Boyfriend Are
worked out. We are Geting along GREAT ! i love him so much
and i hope we can work out our problems. Tomorrow i get to
go over his house and we are going to rent movies and
cuddle. I love that. I think it is romantic since i lost my
job and we cant go out like we used to.
My Family and i are geting along great as well. We
sat Downstairs and talked. I love when we sit together. My uncle is
not doing to well. He was released from the hospital and is still
having his killer Headaches. I hope he gets better, He is like a
second dad to me....Since his bitch daughter disowned Him. He has to
stay here for a while untill he can b on his own again...Hes not
stable, But im tired and i need to go to bed so night !

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